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By : Tanvi Karkare

Top Online Payment Gateway Providers For E-commerce Website

Payments have been an integral part of trade, an exchange of goods and services. From barter system to the introduction of currency in later ages, society has evolved largely in terms of payment for providing goods and services. The recent development in the technology witnessed the shift of market from physical to digital and the sale of goods and services shifted towards the digital market. With various e commerce platforms establishing their hold in the society, the mode of payment also shifted to the digital mode. Various banks over the years, have adapted to the online model, leading to rise in online payments, and subsequently, online gateways.

Online payment gateways are applications that make online payment easy and feasible. These gateway applications connect merchant’s mobile application with the bank. Through this medium, the merchants can receive money from customers directly to their bank account linked with the application. When a person chooses a payment gateway, the gateway application verifies the credit and debit card details of the customer. After verification from the bank, the amount is deducted from the account and reflected in the merchant’s account. The rise in digital platforms gave rise to online gateway platforms. With the wide range of available gateways, listed below are some of the online gateways which allow great user interface and facilities. Compatible with a wide range of cards and platforms, e-wallets and UPI Id’s, these are compatible platforms which work across various mediums to ensure a safe and secure transaction.


Cashfree is India’s leading payment gateways and application powered banking services. Compatible across more than 120 credit cards and debit cards, e-wallets such as BHIM UPI, Google Pay; and EMI options along with NEFT and Paypal. Cashfree offers is instant settlement to merchants within fifteen minutes of transaction, allowing them to move the amount to their desired bank account.

Cashfree does not charge any setup and maintenance fees and neither does it have a minimum business requirement. It manages recurring payments and global payouts. The documentation process requires minimum documents and Cashfree assigns a dedicated account manager for every account holder.


Formerly known as PayU Money, this payment gateway allows merchants to accept online payments. It allows on boarding with the least amount of documents required and allows use of application on Android, iOS and Windows. The annual maintenance charges are zero but they charge 2% and additional GST for every transaction. While they support multi currency, the amount settlement requires 2 days.


Razorpay is the online payment gateway that allows merchants to accept, process and outlay payments with product suite. They do not charge any maintenance fees. The transaction fee is 2% on every transaction and an additional 1% on international cards. 18% of GST is levied on transaction fees. The settlement takes up to 3 days and the customer chat service is an option available 24 x 7.


CCAvenue is one of the popular payment gateways used in India. The payment works across various cards, banks and also accepts bank transfers and USD payments. It provides support in 18 Indian and other languages. While it does not charge any initial setup fees, it does require a minimum maintenance fees of Rs.1200 per year. With compatibility across various systems, it allows business to work across global platforms.


EBS as a payment gateway is pretty similar to CCAvenue is many ways with its acceptance of more than 100 cards and its maintenance charges of Rs.1200 per year. It is however the first Indian payment gateway to attain the PCI DSS 3.0 standards of compliance. It supports 11 major currencies and is comparatively cheaper as compared to other gateway options. It supports 11 Indian languages and takes 24 hours for account activation.


PayPal is on the best known payment gateways, for international payments. It is best suited for businesses that cater to international customers. It does not charge any annual maintenance fees, however it does not recognize the Indian currency. It offers safe payment options compliant with PCI DSS standards.


PayTM is one of the most emerging and popular payment gateways in India. It owes its popularity to its PayTM cash feature and supports a majority of Indian businesses. It is the best suited option for a small scale business owner. While it initially did charge maintenance fees of Rs. 5000, it has long waived off. Digital markets and e-commerce websites today incline more towards online payments over the cash. With safe and secure transactions being a must need in the online threat, these gateways provide safe platforms for safe and secure transactions. Trusted by merchants over the long period of time, these compatible applications ensure safety on both sides of the transaction.

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