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By : Tanvi Karkare

Psychological Digital Marketing Tips To Redefine Your Strategy

Human mind is as fickle as it gets, never stable; forever evolving. Tracing patterns, we understand that even the human mind is altered over the years to adhere to certain slightly traceable patterns.

Over the years, psychologists have studied the human mind, matter and substance and formulated theories about the functioning of human brain. These theories establish patterns, try and justify human behaviour and the tendency to follow certain unwritten rules and regulations.

Marketing experts borrow from these theories to understand the consumer behaviour. They apply this knowledge to establish patterns between consumer behaviour and their buying habits. Understanding relationships and patterns, they apply these tactics towards the sale of their products and to influence the market.

Digitization, increase in e-commerce platforms brought around the change in marketing, and shifted their focus to digital marketing. Digital marketing is upfront, cost effective and compatible across various platforms. Promoting brands to connect with potential customers using internet, these campaigns thrive successfully due to the accessibility of digital channels.

A successful campaign runs on the principle that it is well perceived by people and it connects with the right target audience. To ensure a successful run with the campaign, market experts use behavioral psychological tricks to boost sales of their products. These tricks are basic guidelines defined by human psychology which one can keep in mind while designing a marketing campaign for their products.

1. Emotional Marketing

While marketing your products or services, the key to a successful campaign lies in emotional marketing. Approaching consumers on a personal level where they can relate to the product and establishing a connection goes a long way in establishing yourself as a reliable source.

2. Social Proof For Asserting Authority

The power of social influence is important when outlining a campaign for any company or brand. 

When an authority figure recommends a person to buy a particular product, or records their testimonial about the product, it leaves a very positive impact on the mind of the user. 

3. Scarcity For Sales Increase

A consumer is more likely to buy a product if there is a “supposed” scarcity of the availability of the product. The power of supply and demand is used to persuade customers to buy the product.

By creating a false sense of scarcity, campaigns can help boost the sale of a product. Limited supply acts as a huge motivator for people to buy a particular product.

4. Reciprocity For Negotiation

One of the most important techniques for persuading people to take action is the principle of reciprocity.

The idea revolves around the understanding that people are more likely to buy a product from a brand or company as a return of exchange of favor. Campaigns can include free samples or offer discounts to customers which will make the consumer feel obligated to buy something in return.

5. Anchor, Commit; And Stay Consistent

When designing a campaign for a product, it is important to stay committed and consistent. Consumers who have bought the product in the past will feel obligated to buy the product in the near future to stay consistent with their choices. 


When promoting, if the campaign includes a reference point to compare the product and establish a connection, the consumer will be further inclined to buy the product.

6. Sale Mindset

The human mind is trained to focus more on the graphic part of a campaign, than the text. When a brand boasts of a sale, people tend to buy the product even if there is no urgent requirement need for the product. 

Using bold, colorful graphics and drawing on the consumer’s emotional appeals, sales can help increase brand visibility and boost product sales.

7. Language Matters

A huge aspect of campaigns is the language. Using language that promotes trust and reliability, and helps establish a connection is the key to building a relationship with the customer. Using words like official, loyal and certified assure a successful run with the campaign.

These simple tips assure a successful campaign for brands and companies which boost their sales and help establish a business in the market.

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