Thick Client Security Assessment Service

thick client security assessment service

Thick Client Security Assessment

thick client security assessment service

A thick client security assessment service is a tool that can be used by businesses to make sure they are not exposing themselves to unnecessary risks. It assesses the level of risk that a company is exposed to and provides recommendations on how to improve its security.


When it comes to the assessment of risks, security teams often rely on the traditional methodology of assessing risk based on the type of software or hardware being developed. This is a very common approach, but it may not be the best approach for assessing risks in many cases.


The assessment of the risk, or potential vulnerability for that matter, can be greatly enhanced by conducting a risk-based assessment. The key concepts of this methodology are to determine the criticality and impact of a particular asset at risk.

As a leading application performance management software, Bookmark Infotech is here to help you understand how your applications are performing. We provide real-time insights into the performance of your applications and processes.
Our solutions help you detect problems before they cause any damage to your business. We create and implement the best possible solutions to address any issues you might have.
Bookmark is the leading provider of online assessment solutions for thick client application security testing. We offer a wide range of solutions like thick client application security testing checklist OWASP and thick client testing tools. With our in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies, we make it easy for you to find your exact fit from start to finish.
We also have an extensive library of best practices and guides that can help you with all your needs whether you're just starting or are well versed in the industry. You can also rely on our extensive community, who will answer your questions and share their knowledge with you.
A security assessment tool is basically software that assesses the security of your network, devices, and/or systems. It's not just our expertise that makes us the best, it's our ability to provide consistently high quality and accuracy of assessments.
You can rely on us to back up our assessment with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. So you can be confident that our assessments will help you make the best decision for your company.
The assessment of the risk, or potential vulnerability for that matter, can be greatly enhanced by conducting a risk-based assessment. The modern world is changing and so are the ways in which security teams assess risks. They are now looking for new ways to assess risk and that is where AI comes into play.
Bookmark Infotech, we understand that customers need the latest information on how their applications are performing and how they will protect them against security threats.
Bookmark Infotech is a security assessment company that provides services to businesses. It has been in the industry with the expertise and has helped many clients in the process of securing their networks. We secure thick clients with an AI security assessment tools.
You can use this software to test the security of a thin client in your organization, and give you the ability to make any necessary changes. This would allow you to protect your information on these devices.

Benefits Of Thick Client Security Assessment

We've tested a wide variation of thick clients, from enterprise software to antivirus software and video games.

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We modify each assessment to focus on the risks that are most applicable to your software.

Our combined manual and tool-based assessment approach contains a detailed analysis of results, detailed reporting,

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and actionable remediation direction.

We recognize that every organization has a different risk profile and tolerance, so we tailor our approach to your needs

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and budget. We can adjust assessment scope and perform tests more efficiently with access to source code, design documentation, specifications, etc.

At the end of each assessment, we'll conduct a read-out call to walk you through positive results and prioritize

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vulnerabilities based on their probability and impact if exploited. We'll offer mitigation recommendations for each vulnerability and help you develop a legal remediation plan best suited to your needs. If we create any custom tools or scripts to test your thick client software, we'll provide these to you so that your testing teams can use them.

Our Approach To Thick Client Application Security Assessment

Our qualified team of assessors will assess and map the assets and prioritize them based on their criticality.
We scan and identify vulnerabilities in your applications using our advanced commercial tools and in-house tools/scripts.
We conduct an Advanced Intelligent Scanning of your application to discover all network devices, operating systems, databases, firewalls concerned with the working and security of your applications.
We assess the configuration of the dependent infrastructure such as Firewall security matrix, Database security parameters, HPUX/AIX/Linux OS security configuration, Audit trails, IDS/IPS configuration, etc. for strengthening the security of systems.
We identify vulnerabilities and provide you with a detailed report comprising risk classification. This will help you make an informed decision and focus resources on remediating the most critical ones.
We will together with your team plan and strategize detailed remediation for vulnerabilities identified.

Why work with Bookmark Infotech?

We will share industry-specific insight and provide relevant recommendations for achieving your goals of compliance.
Your organization will benefit from our decade long years of Industry experience and knowledge.
We provide Web app, mobile apps, API testing, Source Code assessment, underlying infrastructure assessment, etc.
Our experts will provide your team with a detailed project plan and testing methodology that will prevent the downtime
We will provide you documents detailing the analysis process, finding with evidence, and provide relevant recommendations for the same.

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