Who we Are

Bookmark Infotech, the Future-proof IT development, and IT security company.

The age of digitization has already begun. And with this drastically growing digitization, India’s demand of making businesses to go digital is increasing too. Despite making a remarkable amount of progress in the sector of IT development and IT security, the Indian market is still facing loads of issues on the strategy and security end.


It all started with the vision of our founder Mr. Shashank Nalanagula and his wife Mrs. Lakshmi Nalanagula. Mr. Nalanagula studied the market thoroughly and came to the conclusion that the demand for IT services is at its peak. However, Indian companies largely have their dependencies overseas. This is where Bookmark Infotech was born as an idea.


The segment of IT development and security is wide enough. India has got all that the market demands, especially from start-ups and SMEs. Moreover, abroad requirements are in plenty who are in search of an augmented team that could handle their responsibilities. And we are facing employment issues despite having the right skills and knowledge.

Still, the gap between the market expectation and its fulfillment is existing. To bridge this gap, Mr. Nalanagula thought of building a team of a handful of professionals who are skillful and passionate about their job.


With the dream, a team of Bookmark started taking place. There was ample talent in society serving right and outperforming in their duties. Building a team was not a tough job, though. Aligning the team with the vision and bringing all of them on the same page was a challenging phase.

However, all the birds with the same feather came together here to serve the purpose and to live a dream.


Mr. and Mrs. Nalanagula thought of growing Bookmark Infotech to the heights where the IT development and IT security-related demands are fulfilled promptly, innovatively, and excellently.


And the journey is still going on to improvise and upgrade the company to be ahead of the time to serve the future.

What We do

Bookmark Infotech is introducing and maintaining the standards of the IT segment.

The best IT development and security company to operate at defined work standards. We’re committed to maintaining the sophistication of the user experience while upholding development security standards.


The major challenge in society is to serve the small and medium scale industries with the premium standards and minimal pricing structure. That’s exactly what Bookmark Infotech has nailed.


We serve our clients with a custom approach. Whatever our clients demand, we custom design our packages and services accordingly. And hence, deploying premium-level service with minimal pricing becomes possible.


We aim at delivering the excellence to excel in our client’s business in every possible way that we could. We don’t mind walking a mile further to meet our client’s requirements on time, every time.


Bookmark Infotech, the IT service company that you can truly count on!



To push the boundaries of all modern technology to propel businesses in tomorrow's economy.



To invest in the generation and dissemination of our ideas by showcasing them on multiple apps and sites.



Bookmark Infotech is committed
To excellence in service and our client's satisfaction
To act with integrity, knowledgeably and ethically
To offer the highest quality of service through our people, our product and our practices
To support each other's personal and professional growth.

Our Team Members

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