Secure Code Review service

secure code review service

Secure Code Review

secure code review service

Bookmark Infotech is a leading web security company providing secure code review services for secure development environments and secure productions environments. We offer a range of services to help companies protect their digital assets.


We provide a complete audit of the source code, and secure coding practices to meet OWASP guidelines. Our team has software security certification expertise and is a subject matter expert in software security.


We also have staff constantly practicing and teaching secure programming practices, and internal security awareness training.


With the help of our dedicated team of experts, we make sure that your website has strong security features. Our bespoke security solutions include secure code reviews for complete audit, secure source code reviews for securing your codes, and web-based tools to create secure applications by following security best standards.
Our team includes security consultants and engineers who are skilled in the use of secure coding practices and have hands-on experience.
Our solution offers a complete code review service, which includes everything from source code auditing and source code review, to web application security, and audit. One of the most important features of our solution is a powerful code review service. We will audit your code for security vulnerabilities and then fix them for you.
Our team includes experienced developers with years of experience, who are regularly certified by Google in Android Security and Google Cloud Platform Security Engineering.
The company offers a variety of services, including:
  • Code reviews
  • Security audits
  • Hacker reports
  • Penetration testing
We provide full support including detailed reports on vulnerabilities as well as debugging sessions on both desktop and mobile devices, according to your requirements. Our software is designed to be compatible with all platforms, including Android. We're proud of this software as it has been tested on the most popular devices.
Bookmark Infotech has been at the forefront of code reviews. Our team of certified security engineers and software developers are experts in the field and use their expertise to help companies improve their code.
Our customers come from different industries with different needs. And we tailor our services according to their requirements in order to give them the best security practices possible.
Overall, the goals of the security specialists at Bookmark Infotech are to improve their client's chances of dealing with cyber threats and to make themselves redundant.
At Bookmark Infotech web applications are assessed at constant intervals using the following :

This method is put by hackers when a user inputs data into a web application in the form of a command or a query.

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Hacker’s uses the web application to apply commands that are not deliberate and lead to unauthorized data access.

Broken access control can lead to privilege escalation. Due to this, hackers gain access to information which have

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administration rights and able to access users accounts view, and can modify the sensitive data.

Cross-site scripting method allows hackers to access & apply scripts in the user’s browser which leads to session

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hijacking, website redirection to a malicious page. This happens when a web application receives user input without proper confirmation of a web page.

Web applications and APIs often do not defend confidential information such as credit card details, patient information,

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social security numbers of the users. Data leakage in any organization leads to identity theft, online theft.

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